About the Site

About John’s Photography Website

Focused and Back in Business (from December 2009)

My original site’s random collection of images, fiction and other artistic mediums felt cluttered and overwhelming.
The site needed focus, yet I was unsure how to achieve it.

Ultimately, I’ve decided this website will be an online collection of my digital photography, and less frequently an assortment of my scanned illustrations and visual artwork.

While the site will be devoted to my own visual artwork, it will also extend into the community of other visual artists and their artwork.

If I review a drawing or am motivated to inform others about an upcoming art show, I will publish that content on this site as well. As for my other writing – fiction, nonfiction, and journalism; I will publish these works on a separate domain that I will make accessible from this website as soon as it goes live online.
As I publish images, I’ll add relevant, brief descriptions of the images – either in their development, technique, environment, context, or some combination of these things. I want this to help ‘lift the veil’ so to speak between the artwork and the process of creation.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

I look forward to hearing from you.

About the Site (from Fall 2009)

This is a collection of my visual work. Please enjoy my creations and my thoughts. Stay updated as I publish my photos or scanned pen and inks. Comment on posts as they’re created. As much as I want to present my work to an interested community, I also want to hear your opinions or feedback. Feel free add your perspective to posts. I want to keep feedback open, so while I do filter profanity, other forms of opinion are welcome and will be approved. I hope you enjoy my work.

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