Cascade Mountain Misty Sunrise

Close-Up of Pacific Northwest Cascades behind Red Horizon

Cascade Mountains Misty Closeup
I got a chance to test out my telephoto lens for this photograph. I’ve found a difficult time using my telephoto lens, mostly because the lens’ zoom goes from 55-250. That’s a great amount of zoom(250), but I’ve found the 55 lower limit binds me into not being able to take wide angle landscape photographs. Since I mostly take these types of photos, I’m often frustrated when my telephoto lens is on my camera, as it makes me unable to take the kind of spontaneous wide-angle shots I’m best at capturing.

This shot of the Cascade Mountain range at sunrise shows the Pacific Northwest sky in stunning red horizon backdrop. I noticed a mist resting within the foothills of Seattle’s Eastside (the mist is resting in and around the area of Kirkland). So I decided to see how this mist would look as a photograph. This is what I came up with. Thanks for stopping by and hope you’ve enjoyed this Friday capture. Best wishes everyone into the weekend.

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