Illustrated Madness – Composition 3

Pen and Ink Drawing

Illustration Pen and Ink Abstract Design
This is my third ink drawing, finished in 2005. I began using a black Pigma Micron 005 while creating this ink drawing. Composition 1 and 2 were drawn with a larger Micron 01 ink pen. Instead, the Micron 005 is sized with a 0.2 mm black tipped point.

My drawing skills grew a lot while creating this composition. The clouds across the top half of the work took a long time to create, but in doing so they helped my shading technique. Overall, I enjoy the balance across this drawing’s frame. You’ll notice many of the themes and images seen in this composition are used in my later works – so this work was influential in my growth as an illustrator. I consider this work a big step forward in my skill in drawing abstract ink illustration.

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