Pacific Northwest Spring Sunrise

Seattle HDR Landscape Cascade Mountain Sunrise

Pacific Northwest Sunrise - Cascade Mountains Seattle
The clouds were lit up well on this bright Pacific Northwest morning. Sunrise is getting earlier and earlier as we approach the Solstice. In Seattle our longest day of the year bestows 16 hours of sunlight over us. I like having all that extra daytime personally, though I’m pretty sure I’d go insane with the 24 hours of daytime they endure in Alaska every year around this time. Still, having the sun in the sky from 5 AM all the way until past 9 PM in the evening is one of the many minute ways we recognize the approaching Summer here in Seattle

Processed from three separate exposures, this Seattle view eastward overlooks the Cascade Mountains, the city of Kirkland and, of course, Lake Washington. Hope you enjoy this HDR sunrise landscape and its unique view from Seattle Washington.

One thought on “Pacific Northwest Spring Sunrise

  1. I like your wonderful photos. You make The color talk. Thus while viewing the outwardly simple composition, I listened to the air whispers and sat back in awe. Thank you for the unforgettable Sunrise and welcome to Art by Tomas. I hope you will enjoy my picture too.

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