Seattle Skyline: A View from Kerry Park on Queen Anne

Famous Seattle Skyline Landscape

Seattle Kerry Park Skyline Viewpoint HDR Landscape
Kerry Park has a unique perspective on downtown Seattle. Situated on the upper edge of south Queen Anne – Kerry Park affords onlookers with a Seattle skyline in which Seattle’s most famous skyscraper – the Space Needle – is framed dead center.

If you’ve never been to Seattle, or are unfamiliar with the downtown Seattle area, check out a Google Map birds-eye view of the city. You’ll notice that the skyscrapers standing behind the Space Needle are surprisingly far from the Seattle Center and the Space Needle. Kerry Park does such an amazing job of framing the Space Needle with Seattle’s other prominent buildings in a way that almost makes you believe the Space Needle is big enough to rival the 40 and 50 story skyscrapers positioned behind. Its no wonder this view is one of the most memorable perspectives of the Emerald City.

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