Ballard Sunsets on Olympics – Seattle Landscape

Fremont Park one of few neighborhood parks

The truth is that Fremont Park isn’t a forgotten park, it is a new addition to the already large and diverse collection of parks throughout the city of Seattle.

Though Seattle is host to many parks, the Wallingford and Fremont neighborhoods have surprisingly few. If it weren’t for Gasworks Park – which originally supplied electricity to what is now Ballard (you can still see the retired gas power plant if you make it out to this interesting Lake Union getaway) – there wouldn’t be much in the way of Parks.

Luckily, Gasworks is a large and well situated park. Along with Gasworks, it is fun to discover the miniature parks that dot Seattle much as they dot the steep hills of San Francisco. Some of these parks are not visible on popular online references like Google Maps.

Fremont Park is an ongoing community project. It provides a nice public viewpoint west toward the Olympic mountains.

As you can see in the photograph from today, Fremont park looks down on the Ballard neighborhood, originally a separate city from Seattle. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed this Pacific Northwest Springtime moment.

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