2010 UW Cherry Blossoms – Pacific Northwest Portrait

Under the Seattle Yoshino trees – University of Washington Campus Quad

Trees, Spring and Seattle Post VIII

Well, the week is out, and the Yoshino blossoms continue to fall off the Cherry tree branches on campus at the University of Washington. As a means of looking back one final time, enjoy this 2010 Seattle portrait of the blossoms in the quad. These trees are a beautiful and lovely site to see indeed!

I was pleased with the spatial relationships in this portrait. The heavier lower trunk of this elder statesman is well maintained while the floral balance of the upper branches is not detracted from.

Springtime is a great time to be outdoors – and the University of Washington’s quad in Seattle is a particularly special place to be in early Spring because of these Japanese cherry trees.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks posts on the University of Washington Cherry Trees. I hope that you get the chance to see these wondrous giants in full bloom for yourself one day too. Cheers!

Digitial HDR Nature Photography - Seattle and Pacific Northwest

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