Seattle Yoshino Cherry Blossom Digital Photography

UW Cherry Blossom Photography – Seattle Springtime Post 4

Part of what makes the UW Cherry Trees so stunning is how long they have withstood the test of time. Planted in the 1960s as full grown adults, these trees have lived a very long life. This is in part due to the special attention and care by the University of Washington’s gardeners and also because these trees flourish in a climate similar to ours in the Pacific Northwest.

Despite the Yoshinos long lives, some have begun to die. Two trees on the south end of the Quad have been replaced, and there’s no telling how much longer the rest of these large Cherry Blossom Trees will live. When they’re all gone – replaced by smaller, younger trees – the UW Quad will feel like a much lonelier, and roomier place.

This is all the more reason to go out and see the amazing spectacle of springtime flowers that is these Japanese Yoshinos produce for 2010.
Digital HDR Photography - Pacific Northwest Sprintime Cherry Blossoms

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  1. Hi John,

    This is such a great photo! I’m interested in putting part of this photo on a few sweatshirts. Would you be willing to sell me the rights to do this? If so, how much would you want?


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