UW Cherry Blossoms 2010 – Seattle Spring Part III

Seattle HDR Digital Cherry Blossom Photography

Trees, Spring and Seattle Part III

This is the third post featuring photography from Seattle’s Yoshino cherry blossoms. These cherry trees bloom once a year for one to two weeks. I’ll continue posting shots from Seattle and the Quad as we welcome spring in the Pacific Northwest.

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Cherry Blossom trees have a very important cultural place in Japan and China. Blossom viewing was (and still is) a national pastime in Japan.

To read more about the significance of Cherry Blossom Trees in Asia click the wikipedia link on the blossom trees.

Yoshino Cherry trees – which are the Cherry Blossom trees currently in bloom at the University of Washington(and pictured below) – generally live between 30 and 70 years. Unfortunately, Yoshinos are prone to tumors and other ailments as they age, and the Washington Cherry Trees – now over half a century in age – are no stranger to these problems.

Read more about Yoshino tree at the Washington reference site listed.

To check out Yoshino photography from Japanese Cherry Blossom Photos or to browse UW Cherry Blossom Post 1 click the links provided.

The University of Washington Japanese cherry trees have 46 Yelp reviews.

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  1. Darn, amonth early!!

    I was planning to see them in April when I come down for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Now it looks like I”ll have to enjoy them via your beautiful pictures.


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