Univ of Washington Cherry Blossoms

Seattle UW Campus Cherry Tree’s Flower Early for 2010

Seattle Digital Landscape Nature Photography

The Quads Cherry Blossoms are officially in bloom at the University of Washington. That’s more then a month earlier then last year, when the Yoshinos flowered mid-April.

The coming of Spring in Seattle isn’t hailed by a snooty rodents decision. Spring in Seattle is ushered in with the flowering of the University of Washington’s Japanese Cherry Trees. Typically blooming in early April, the large and near half-century Yoshino Cherry trees pictured make for a glorious springtime view.

Flowered March 6th

When the northwest has a warm winter, Yoshinos can bloom surprisingly early. This year the first flowers appeared on Saturday. Japanese Cherry trees can be evidenced across much of Seattle proper. Still, one look at these amazing UW cherry blossoms and its no wonder why these behemoths are so coveted an encounter while they’re briefly in bloom.

The flowering Cherries on campus have far outlived Yoshino life expectancy. Planted in 1964 as full grown adult trees, only a few trees have been replaced.

These Japanese Cherries aren’t in bloom long – about a week and half total. Since we don’t know how much longer these half century old Yoshinos will continue to shade the Quad – its all the more reason to make a trip out to UW Campus this upcoming week.

In honor of the Springtime and the blooming UW Yoshinos, I’ll be posting my photographs of the 2010 Cherry Blossoms as Seattle jumps into Spring.

Feel free to share your feedback and comments with me as well. Check out my Flickr Cherry Blossom Set for photography updates featuring the 2010 Seattle Cherry Blossoms.

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  1. Hi John, Can you believe it? Your…preschool teacher is writing to you about your photos…I see that the artistic talent you displayed, even in preschool, has flowered in an exciting way with the photography. The photos of the cherry blossoms are stunning–truly striking and unusual. And your blog is full of information, not just dry information, but carries a sense of the delight you take in the cherry blossoms.

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