Carkeek Park Digital HDR Railroad Image

HDR Photography of Carkeek Park – Seattle

Carkeek Park, located in the Pacific Northwest, is a lesser known park in an equally beautiful and diverse are near Loyal Heights in Seattle. This shot was processed from one of my first outings with my dSLR camera. I didn’t know to keep the aperture setting constant when bracketing my HDR shots, so this photo was processed from a single RAW image that I copied twice.

One copy was able to brightened to bring out the highlights, and one copy was darkened as much as capable to attenuate the brilliant colors in the shadows. Though three separate images of this scene put together would have rendered a more brilliant shot, the image below shows you that you can get a lot more out of a single raw photo by pushing its highlights and shadows with processing software then most would make you believe.

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  1. This is single raw?…You shopuld bracket it least 3 exposure..sure you will make this a stunning HDR photo.

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