Gone, but not Forgotten – Delaware Photos Part III

Broken Hard-Drive Remembered – Digital Photography from Delaware Part 3

Last weekend my hard-drive gave out. Though most of my pictures weren’t lost, (I keep them on external harddrives) – in the midst of losing my hard-drive, I lost months of processed JPGs photos, representing most of my recent digital photography.

I didn’t have these more recent files backed up. And because I hadn’t backed up my drive in a month, I lost hours of my own time. The event is a reminder to always have two separate copies available f your data, and to backup at least once a week.

In this post, I’m featuring the final installment – Part 3 – of my autumn trip to Delaware.

Autumn Foliage – Delaware HDR Photography

Digital HDR Photography - Delaware park

Landscape and Fence – Digital HDR Image

Digital HDR Nature Photography

Delaware Stone Steps and Autumn Leaves

HDR Autumn Digital Photography

Delaware Nature Landscape with Fence

HDR Digital Nature Photography - Landscapes

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