Digital Photography – Autumn in Delaware – Part II

Fall Photos: A Return to My Mid-Atlantic

As promised, I’m returning to my Delaware photos. Not a Delaware covered in snow as you might imagine.

These are from last Autumn, when I visited for Thanksgiving. The first digital image of a barn in the early morning sunlight has a pastoral evocation I feel accurately portrayed the outdoor ambiance of Delaware while I was there. You can sense the morning quiet in this image, and the briskness of winter just beginning to settle in to the surroundings.

The second photo merely caught my eye in the moment. I like the way the trees and their shadows fill the photographs framed edges. I find it spatially aesthetic, even if it is misleadingly green in color and tonally warm.

Click the link to see my first post about Delaware if you missed it.

Read about New York Times’ take on the East Coast’s “Deep Freeze” from today by clicking on the link in this sentence.

If you’re interested in a more numerical analysis of Delaware’s current weather click the NOAA page link here.

Pastoral Landscape Image - Autumn in Delaware

Digital Landscape Photography - Autumn in Delaware

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