Delaware Digital Photography

Old Tree Stump’s Bark Captured from Closeup

On the east coast of the United States, the boundaries of North and South are still relatively obvious. When I was in high school, my family took a trip to Washington DC. I remember being shocked to see Confederate flags on cars as we drove through the Virginian countryside. Though I’d read about Virginia’s southern roots, I had not conceptualized how far north the slave-owning territories had actually began until I had visited the area.

This Fall I visited the state of Delaware. Delaware is situated in what is known as the Mid-Atlantic portion of the US’s east coast. You can notice cultural aspects of the South, along with cultural qualities of the North in Delaware. I was in Delaware in late Autumn; after the colorful Autumn leaves had fallen from the trees. The lack of foliage allowed for great views of the bare tree trunks. This old dead trunk below was especially noticeable to me on this walk through the Delaware woods.

Isn’t it incredible how the designs in an old dead trunk like the one pictured below can as intricate and as seamlessly beautiful as a work of art?

Digital nature photography - Delaware

HDR Nature Photography - Delaware Tree

If you enjoyed this post about Delaware, keep your eyes peeled as I post more of my photos from my trip to the Mid-Atlantic. Thanks for stopping by!

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