Pen and Ink 2: Doctoring Pen and Ink

Illustration on Lined Paper and Scanned Illustration with the lines erased

Digital photographic processing is the new way in which photographers finalize their work in the digital era. It is a dark room and canvas all wrapped into one.

Learning how to enhance digital photography is easily learned by searching net for resources. It seems there are enough people doing it that you can easily read about the basics. I’ve found it simple to learn some basic tricks to enhance my digital photography over this last year.

In that same time, I have also scanned my pen and ink artwork onto my computer and have attempted to enhance some of these images as well (you can see my other pen and ink composition here.

As for these drawings, I have had little luck finding online articles or resources discussing how to enhance pen illustration and designs like the one you see in this post. Through my own peripheral knowledge, I was able to delete the lines of the lined paper from this image.
Ink Design Illustration Drawing Art

Ink Drawing: Illustrated Design ARt

Does anyone know of good resources that show you how to enhance ink illustrations like the drawings above?

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