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HDR(High Dynamic Range) Photography’s utilization of a larger range of light allows for dynamic landscape photography to truly shine. HDR processing can also alter an image to look like a capture from some distant neon-colored planet. Still, there are times when all that weirdness and abstract HDR processing can come together amidst the chaos to create an unusual, and yet artistic and stunning composition.

I took these images of Fall leaves against a rain-covered outdoor glass table with the hope of processing out the brilliant Fall colors. Here the intense HDR processing turns this pretty Autumn image into a stunning abstract composition.

The first image you see is processed as naturally as I could recall the scene. The next two shots are that same image blown out in specific places to draw out more brilliant leaf color, or to add luminance and shine to the glass tabletop.

Normally, blown out HDR digital photographs turn me off. I often prefer a more naturally processed image to its blown out equivalent. That’s usually because with a totally blown out HDR photograph, the highlights, color temperature, and overall picture lighting is so clearly artificial – it devalues the authenticity that gives photography its mystique and beauty for me.

But lately, as I learn more about HDR, I’ve been questioning this notion. If an HDR digital photograph of an incredible Graffiti Wall Mural is processed to add artificial emphasis to areas of the wall, why isn’t this a superior photograph?

These photos are an example of a set of shots in which I prefer the wacky abstract compositions to their more natural photographic counterpart. That’s because the reality grounding this set of photographs is focused on the autumn colors of the leaves and the reflection against the glass table. The abstract images capture these qualities best – and that’s why I prefer them.

HDR processing aside; I realize evaluating beauty in photography is subjective. That’s why I’m curious to know which of these captures is your favorite? Do you prefer the blown out shots, or do you like the more natural – but less dynamic – first digital image?

Digital Landscape Photo - Seattle Sunrise over Cascade Mountains

Digital Landscape Photo - Seattle Sunrise over Cascade Mountains

Digital Landscape Photo - Seattle Sunrise over Cascade Mountains

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