Seattle Sunrise Landscape

A photo that leaves my other sunset images In the dust

I organize my online photography library based on some common categories. One of these general classes is sunset and sunrise landscapes. Finishing the shot you see below and comparing it to my other sunrise and sunset captures, I knew I’d taken one of my best landscapes.

I prefer cloudy sunsets for taking pictures. It’s true a clear sky at sunrise or sunset can give a lot of tranquility to a landscape, but horizons full of clouds give you new and interesting perspectives.

Taken from Seattle and looking over Lake Washington, Kirkland, and the Cascade Mountains; this sunrise capture was the only five minutes of sun the city of Seattle saw on this day. After this stunning sunrise, the sky clouded over, and a light drizzle continued on for the next four days.

For just an instant, before all those hours of Seattle winter gloom, the sun was caught between the cover of the mountains and the clouds. The effect was the pretty light rays you see shimmering in this image’s background.

Digital Landscape Photo - Seattle Sunrise over Cascade Mountains

2 thoughts on “Seattle Sunrise Landscape

  1. This is an amazing shot ~ John!
    Looks to me like a star on the sky burst with rays…:)
    Wonderful photo!

    Thank you for sharing,

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