Happy New Year and Happy New Decade!

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A Bald Eagle Takes a Beach Break

Not too often do you get to write best wishes to close out the decade, but here we are.

I want to share some photos of a Bald Eagle I took about a month ago. I saw this eagle as it was fending off crows on the Lake Washington shoreline. It wanted to get out and enjoy the sun on a beautiful day. The crows had different plans, and their pestering eventually won out.

When I was younger, Bald Eagles were a rare site around Lake Washington. The environmental conditions were dire then.

Now – it’s almost hard not to catch a glimpse of a Bald Eagle if you spend some time near King County’s largest natural lake and keep a keen eye out for one.

While they keep count, I believe they’re between 10 to 50 Bald Eagles living on or near Lake Washington, a sign that the environmental conditions in Seattle have dramatically improved in the last two decades.

Above all else, little factoids like the return of Bald Eagles to Lake Washington remind me that although we’ve been experiencing difficult times, people are looking forward into the future and taking care where they tread.

Best wishes for the new decade.

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If you enjoy northwest Bald Eagles, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife has setup an Eaglecam with live streaming video of a bald eagle nest on Lake Washington. They even captured two baby Bald Eagles being born!

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