Notre Dame – Paris HDR Photography

Paris HDR Architecture
Some scenes are really enhanced with High Dynamic Range photography. Architecture – such as the Notre Dame de Paris – shown here from its main entrance – is certainly one of them. The Notre Dame Cathedral – located on the Ile de la Cite, in Paris’ fourth arrondissement – was completed in 1345, and is an excellent example of French Gothic architecture.

Autumn in Paris – Eiffel Tower Landscape

Eiffel Tower - Autumn Landscapes Paris

As you might have gathered from my last post – I had the opportunity to go overseas this Autumn. I was away from late September up through early November. My trip took me to Greece, Munich, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and finally – where this photograph was shot – Paris.

It was my second visit to the French capital – and I enjoyed having the chance to see this beautiful city in all of its Fall glory.

I’ll be posting more photographs from my trip throughout the rest of this year and on in to the beginning of next year – so stay current if you enjoy views and landscapes of Europe.

Thanks for stopping by, and all the best to you on this holiday weekend!

Paris Night Skyline – Eiffel Tower Panoramic Lights

Paris Skyline Photograph for my 100th blog posting

Paris Night Panoramic City Skyline Photography

I’ve just returned from a long trip overseas. I was away for about six weeks in Europe. The last place I visited – where I took the photograph you see above – was in Paris. This shot was captured in the evening from the top of the Arche De Triumph. Thanks for stopping by the check this out!

Illustrated Madness – Composition 7

Pen and Ink Art Series Contd

This smaller design was originally created as a bookmark. Though it isn’t as intricate and complex as some of my other drawings, this illustrations is still a nice rendering. Hope you enjoy this ink illustration and thanks for stopping by!

Arboretum Green Portrait

Creek and Foliage HDR Photograph

Arboretum Foliage Pacific Northwest
A crisp morning shot captured just off the main road cutting through Seattle’s Arboretum. Thanks for stopping by!

Illustrated Madness – Composition 6

Abstract Ink Drawing 6

This pen and ink drawing was produced on basic sketch-pad paper. I used a micron .005 sized pen. As is most of my pen and ink work, this is a highly intricate design. I try to allow my hand to develop new dimensions and – similarly – new worlds as the composition develops into an intricate layer of spaces and designs.

How do you like this one compared to my other pen and ink compositions.

Photos from Fremont’s Solstice Parade

Seattle Solstice Celebration Captured

Fremont Solstice Parade Bikers
Hope the first week of summer is treating everyone kindly. This year to celebrate the Solstice I ventured down to the Fremont Solstice Parade. Among the attractions at this event is the introductory nude/painted cyclists(two of which you can see pictured in the second photograph above.

After the multicolored bicycle run, Fremont’s summer parade turns to more formal floats, marching bands, and dancers of all sorts. Bikers and performers alike, we all came together this gray Sunday in Fremont to celebrate the shift from Spring to Summer in 2010.

In celebration of the Solstice, I’ll be posting shots from the Fremont parade. Thanks for stopping by!

Illustrated Madness – Composition 5

Ink Design Illustrated Abstract Drawing
The fifth piece in my Illustrated Madness series. Created with a Pigma Micron 005 on the same Medium weight white paper as the previous illustrations.

This illustration is one of my favorites. I really like how the designs interweave and balance themselves out across the page. I also think the lines are the cleanest and most intricate in this drawing’s design work.

Got something to say? Feel free to add a comment in the text box below. Hope you enjoy this fifth piece in my Illustrated Madness series.

Thanks for stopping by!

Pacific Northwest Trail Landscape

Lake Twenty-Two Trail – Granite Falls, Washington

Here’s a shot from the Pacific Northwest – this foliage landscape photo was captured near the end of the Lake Twenty-Two trail in Washington. This hike – which climbs 1,300 feet over 2.5 miles – leads up to a crisp mountain lake. This trail is the most popular in the Stillaguamish Valley. Thanks for stopping by.