Notre Dame – Paris HDR Photography

Paris HDR Architecture
Some scenes are really enhanced with High Dynamic Range photography. Architecture – such as the Notre Dame de Paris – shown here from its main entrance – is certainly one of them. The Notre Dame Cathedral – located on the Ile de la Cite, in Paris’ fourth arrondissement – was completed in 1345, and is an excellent example of French Gothic architecture.

Seattle Skyline: A View from Kerry Park on Queen Anne

Famous Seattle Skyline Landscape

Seattle Kerry Park Skyline Viewpoint HDR Landscape
Kerry Park has a unique perspective on downtown Seattle. Situated on the upper edge of south Queen Anne – Kerry Park affords onlookers with a Seattle skyline in which Seattle’s most famous skyscraper – the Space Needle – is framed dead center.

If you’ve never been to Seattle, or are unfamiliar with the downtown Seattle area, check out a Google Map birds-eye view of the city. You’ll notice that the skyscrapers standing behind the Space Needle are surprisingly far from the Seattle Center and the Space Needle. Kerry Park does such an amazing job of framing the Space Needle with Seattle’s other prominent buildings in a way that almost makes you believe the Space Needle is big enough to rival the 40 and 50 story skyscrapers positioned behind. Its no wonder this view is one of the most memorable perspectives of the Emerald City.

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Queen Anne Wall – Seattle HDR Spring Photos

Seattle’s Wilcox Wall in South Queen Anne

Wilcox Wall is a retaining wall along the south edge of Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle. This shot was captured fusing three different jpg exposures to create this HDR image of the large retaining wall up close.

Ballard Sunsets on Olympics – Seattle Landscape

Fremont Park one of few neighborhood parks

The truth is that Fremont Park isn’t a forgotten park, it is a new addition to the already large and diverse collection of parks throughout the city of Seattle.

Though Seattle is host to many parks, the Wallingford and Fremont neighborhoods have surprisingly few. If it weren’t for Gasworks Park – which originally supplied electricity to what is now Ballard (you can still see the retired gas power plant if you make it out to this interesting Lake Union getaway) – there wouldn’t be much in the way of Parks.

Luckily, Gasworks is a large and well situated park. Along with Gasworks, it is fun to discover the miniature parks that dot Seattle much as they dot the steep hills of San Francisco. Some of these parks are not visible on popular online references like Google Maps.

Fremont Park is an ongoing community project. It provides a nice public viewpoint west toward the Olympic mountains.

As you can see in the photograph from today, Fremont park looks down on the Ballard neighborhood, originally a separate city from Seattle. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed this Pacific Northwest Springtime moment.

Digital HDR Photos Seattle Springtime Pacific Northwest

Seattle HDR Skyline Captured with Clouds

Kerry Park from Queen Anne

Kerry Park’s view of Seattle is probably the most photographed Seattle skyline in the city. You can’t get much closer to the buildings then this small park devoted to its view of the city. Add to this that the perspective from Kerry Park makes the Space Needle appear as though it sits at the center of Seattle’s downtown proper (which it does not) – and you’ve got a recipe for a very popular view.

Since downtown Sea-town is on the Puget Sound, large cloudy weather systems swoop into Seattle frequently. This photo captures just one such cloudy moment in the afternoon at Kerry Park in early spring of this year. I hope you like this shot and have a great Tuesday. Cheers!

Seattle skyline space needle from queen anne kerry park

2010 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival begins Saturday April 10

Pacific Northwest Nature Captured – Part V – Tulip field landscape

Digital HDR Photography - Pacific Northwest Landscapes
It has been an eventful week. Most importantly, the Pacific Northwest appears to be in the full throws of Spring. Hope you enjoyed the Tulip photos from this week. If these photos inspire you and you’re in the area, make a trip out to see them for yourself.

As for me, these Tulips are the last flowers I’m photographing for a few days. Don’t get me wrong, flowers are great subjects. It’s just there’s only so much you can do with the digital product when its flowers. Before you know it, you’ve over-processed the shot into digital photography oblivion. I’m excited to capture some brilliant Spring shots of Seattle from some fresh viewpoints.

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Pink Northwest Tulips Captured from Close Range

Tulip Field Close Up – Part 3

Digital Northwest HDR Photography - Nature and Springtime

This shot provides a closer perspective of the Skagit Valley Tulips featured in the photography from this week.

From afar, the rows and columns of Tulips can seem to blend together, but up close it is easy to see these Tulips are neatly arranged. Tulips are planted in soft silty soil which seems to hold a lot of water. When you walk on the Tulip soil, you can feel the water beneath the top layers of soil, like walking on a firm water bed.

Let me know what you think, and have a great spring. Cheers!

Seattle Landscape Photography – Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom

Spring is here in Seattle – Digital HDR Landscape Photography

Digital HDR Photography - Cherry Tree Photos
As this week comes to a close, and the Yoshino Cherry Trees on UW campus begin to lose their beauitful weeklong flowers, take a moment to remember how stunning these trees can be. This shot was taken on a chilly, windy – but bright – Sunday afternoon. The Blossoms on the Yoshino trees were at their fullest when I took this Sunday afternoon photograph.

It seems ironic that such beautiful sites are available to us for such short periods of time. Of course, this short duration is partially what makes the Japanese Cherry trees such a big destination when they broom in early Spring.

Cherry Blossom Macro Capture

Part VI – Trees, Spring and Seattle

UW Yoshinos Take on new Perspective Up-close

From afar, the University of Washington cherry tree blossoms are so dense and brilliantly colored, it’s difficult to imagine what the individual flowers actually look like standing alone. When you get closer to the Cherry trees, it is often surprising to see how small each individual Yoshino flower truly is. The photo in this post was taken up close at the University of Washington Quad campus earlier this week. Hope you like these captures of the Yoshino Cherry trees from an entirely different – but equally beautiful – perspective!
Digital HDR Photography - Yoshino Cherry trees in bloom

Pacific Northwest Cherry Blossom Photos – Spring is here in Seattle Part V:

Digital HDR Capture – Yoshino Cherry Blossoms – UW campus 2010

Flowering Yoshino Cherry Blossoms on the University of Washington campus – a sure sign that Winter Quarter Final Exams are in full effect for University students, and a sign that nature is ready to bring on Spring. The University’s Cherry Blossoms bloomed early this year, on a sunny Saturday in early March. Don’t forget to make a trip out to see these stunning trees in bloom before their flower disappear in the next few days.
Digital HDR PHotography - UW Cherry Blossoms Springtime