Notre Dame – Paris HDR Photography

Paris HDR Architecture
Some scenes are really enhanced with High Dynamic Range photography. Architecture – such as the Notre Dame de Paris – shown here from its main entrance – is certainly one of them. The Notre Dame Cathedral – located on the Ile de la Cite, in Paris’ fourth arrondissement – was completed in 1345, and is an excellent example of French Gothic architecture.

Paris Night Skyline – Eiffel Tower Panoramic Lights

Paris Skyline Photograph for my 100th blog posting

Paris Night Panoramic City Skyline Photography

I’ve just returned from a long trip overseas. I was away for about six weeks in Europe. The last place I visited – where I took the photograph you see above – was in Paris. This shot was captured in the evening from the top of the Arche De Triumph. Thanks for stopping by the check this out!

Aurora Bridge – Seattle HDR Landscape Photo

Fremont Viewpoint Gasworks Park

Fremont HDR Aurora Bridge Gasworks Park View
Gasworks Park is full of great views. This shot is taken westward, revealing the Aurora Bridge (infamous in Seattle for suicidal ‘jumpers’) and the first fringes of the Fremont Neighborhood. The waterway in the image above leads to the Ballard Locks and finally out into the Puget Sound.

HDR Digital Photos are often great for these cloudy urban landscape shots. Hope you enjoy this photo and have a great day!

Cherry Blossom 2010 Spring Landscape

Pacific Northwest Spring Photos

Pacific Northwest Sprin Flower Photography
With some more digital processing skills under my belt, I’m presenting a Spring Blossom photo from earlier this year. They bloomed early this year, largely – it seems – because of the mild winter we experienced.

The left half of the sky was originally white and blown out in the photo above. I used the clone stamp tool to mimic the shades of blue in the clouds on the right – painting over the blown out highlights so as to match the natural blue tones in the sky.

Seattle Night Skyline

Downtown Seattle Gasworks Park

Seattle Night Digital Photos
This was my third trip to Gasworks Park in the evening. I was pleased with how these night skyline images of downtown Seattle came out.

The reflection against Lake Union turned out well – I shot this at around 4:30 in the morning. Lucky for me most Seattle parks are open to the public at 4 AM. Hope you like this one and thanks for stopping by.

Seattle HDR Skyline Captured with Clouds

Kerry Park from Queen Anne

Kerry Park’s view of Seattle is probably the most photographed Seattle skyline in the city. You can’t get much closer to the buildings then this small park devoted to its view of the city. Add to this that the perspective from Kerry Park makes the Space Needle appear as though it sits at the center of Seattle’s downtown proper (which it does not) – and you’ve got a recipe for a very popular view.

Since downtown Sea-town is on the Puget Sound, large cloudy weather systems swoop into Seattle frequently. This photo captures just one such cloudy moment in the afternoon at Kerry Park in early spring of this year. I hope you like this shot and have a great Tuesday. Cheers!

Seattle skyline space needle from queen anne kerry park

Pink Northwest Tulips Captured from Close Range

Tulip Field Close Up – Part 3

Digital Northwest HDR Photography - Nature and Springtime

This shot provides a closer perspective of the Skagit Valley Tulips featured in the photography from this week.

From afar, the rows and columns of Tulips can seem to blend together, but up close it is easy to see these Tulips are neatly arranged. Tulips are planted in soft silty soil which seems to hold a lot of water. When you walk on the Tulip soil, you can feel the water beneath the top layers of soil, like walking on a firm water bed.

Let me know what you think, and have a great spring. Cheers!